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Stylized Sculptures:  1920s Bianchi Bird.

1920s Bianchi Bird with Logo.  The company Bianchi was started by Edoardo Bianchi building bicycles in Milan in 1885.

His first car (a motorised carriage with a single-cylinder engine) was completed in 1899, he then started production the following year.  In 1901 the still single-cylinder engine had improved to give 8hp and also a two-speed transmission was fitted.  Production of bicycles continued, and together with the cars, were joined first by motorcycles and later commercial vehicles.

His cars were typified by an extra attention to the choice of materials and above average build quality.  He was also fortunate to have the services of Giuseppe Merosi better known for his success with Alfa Romeo for some time (from 1906 to 1909), who developed his engines and also some competition cars including the 1906 8-litre Tipo 120HP.

Despite the factory being destroyed by bombing in the war, it was reconstructed and began functioning again in 1946.  Unfortunately that same year saw the death of Edoardo Bianchi in a car accident.  The firm continued, mainly with commercial vehicles, but lost its way in an ever more competitive market. 

Bianchi continued as a company until 1955 when Autobianchi was formed, with the collaboration of Fiat.

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