British Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Bentley 1921 to date.  Prototype Winged B.

This was possibly a Prototype Bentley flying letter B mascot that was offered for inclusion in a competition to re-design the trademark of Bentley Cars that were now being built by Rolls-Royce Motors.  Charles Sykes the designed of the Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy mascot was known to have offered at least one design to be considered, however it was not used, nor was this stubby winged design, that also incorporated a cleverly design letter B that allowed the mascot to be read from whichever side of the vehicle it was being viewed.  Jugging by the amount of wear around this piece and the fact that it is connected to an original Derby Bentley radiator cap it could well have been fitted and used on a Bentley of the 1930s-40s.