Accessory Mascots

Male Figures:  1919 Old Bill.

The Old Bill mascot was designed by Bruce Bairnsfather and dates from 1919.  This one is the largest of three sizes at 4.1/2 inches tall and with a black mounting post, this one was suitable for mounting on both large cars or lorries.  Ones sold through the retails of Smith and Sons Cricklewood London NW2 have a letter S on the bottom of the scarf and copyright around the inside of the rim of the head, standing 4.1/8th inches tall. and were suitable for light cars.  It is worthy of note, it is not just a mater of fixing the light car Old bill mascot with a longer post, the large car and lorry mascot is in fact visibly larger, the circumference around the hat on the light car is 8.5 inches and on the lorry it is 8.7/8th inches. There are many reproductions of this mascot but very few of them have the correct threaded mounting post detail.  For more information regarding Old Bill and Bruce Bairnsfather please visit this site: