Accessory Mascots

Female Figures:  1920s Diana Goddess Of Hunting.

1920s French Diana.  Silver plated over bronze mascot from the Susse Freres Foundry.  Susse Freres Foundry Paris was formed by the brothers Micel Victor and Amedee Susse in 1839.  At the turn of the century Susse Freres opened a large retail shop at 13 Boulevard de Madeleine, Paris to sell their produce.  This included desk items, candelabras, clocks, sculptures and, many other high quality items including car mascots.  Diana was the equivalent in Roman mythology of the Greek Artemis.  She was the daughter of Jupiter and Latona, and the twin sister of Apollo.  Both were born on the island Delos.  Diana was the goddess of the hunt, associated with wild animals and forests.  She was also a moon goddess, and an emblem of chastity.