American Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  LaFayette 1920-1940.  1934-37 Initials L F In A Circle.

Top picture is from a 1937 and the middle picture is from a 1936 LaFayette both displaying the Initials L F in a circle.  The original LaFayette vehicles were built in Indianapolis Indiana from around 1920.  The company later moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1923-24.  They were building luxurious, lavish and well equipped V8s designed by D McCal White, who had also designed the V8 Cadillac of 1915.  One of the pioneering features of the LaFayette was the thermostatically-controlled radiator shutters.  The price however for these limousines was prohibitive and often ran up too $7500.  In 1923 Nash Motors acquired control of LaFayette Motors, they continued to build the big eight for a short time as part of their luxury line but soon dropped it.  The LaFyatte name was however revised by Nash in 1934 as a lower priced companion make to Nash.  LaFayette ceased to be an independent marque with the introduction of the 1937 models. From 1937 through 1940, the Nash LaFayette was the lowest priced Nash and was replaced by the new unibody Nash 600 for the 1941 model year.