Accessory Mascots

Political Figures:  1914 Earl Kitchener.

1914 Earl Kitchener.  Promoted to Field Marshal, he was appointed Agent and Consul General in Egypt and arrived in Cairo on 28 September 1911.  The old conflict between civil servants and military commanders still existed and Kitchener had to walk a tight-rope in keeping the peace in what was a somewhat sensitive environment.  Despite this, he retained almost universal popularity.  As he left Cairo for some leave on 18th of   June 1914, he learned that he was to be created an Earl and took the title of Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome.  Broome Park, his English home, lies midway between Canterbury and Dover.  In 1916, Kitchener embarked on a mission to Russia to encourage that flagging ally to continued resistance.  His ship, the H.M.S. Hampshire, hit a German mine and sank off the Orkney Islands, and he drowned, his body was never found.  This mascot was also sold through the retailers Brown Brothers Limited, London and Manchester the mascot is stamped to the lower base Lord Kitchener for more information please visit this site:,_1st_Earl_Kitchener