Accessory Mascots

Aeroplanes:  1934 Airplane Envoy.

1934 Airplane mascot attached to a Regent calormeter and Morris radiator cap.  This aircraft mascot was loosely based on the Envoy a twin piston engined plane designed by N.S. Norway and A.H. Tiltman.  The prototype G-ACMT first flew on June 26th 1934 and in July of the same year it was presented to the public at an exhibition by the Society of British Aircraft Construction.  The Envoy was used by many Air forces and private companies around the world.  The RAF first used them as crew trainers.  Its roles were many from trainer to courier, light bomber or reconnaissance aircraft.  The Envoy was involved in an accident in Australia.  The VH-UXY, carrying Lieutenant Charles Ulm of the RAAF, disappeared in 1934, during an attempt to fly the Pacific route between Oakland and Honolulu.