Accessory Mascots

Celebrity Figures:  1920s Rodeo Cowboy.

1920-25 This was originally a French mascot cast by JEAN DORÉ of a Rodeo Cowboy capturing a steer.  Sold though the Rodeo establishment at 6 Rue Mansart Paris.  Mascots from the Rodeo outlet were signed to the base CH Paillet and with the depose stamp.  Charles Paillet sold the rights too much of his work to Emile Louis Lejeune in 1917.  Emil and Augustine Lejeune first came to England in1904.  Bother were French by birth and nether spoke a word of English, however they went on to establish the London based A.E.L. company at 9 Hallam St, also at Great Portland St London W1.  As the two brands of this mascot had an editorial agreement it is often noticed a variation in the signatures, also in addition to the Charles Paillet signature the English version also has the A. E. L. and Copyright markings.  The advertisement is not a company's add, it was made up to show and include the rare Thermo-Mascot.