Accessory Mascots

Goddesses & Nymphs:  1930s Miss Desmo.

1930s Known as Miss Desmo, and shown in the Brown Brothers catalogue for 1933.  Marked around the base Desmo Copyright, this subject can also be found by Mady 1925, known as Petite pudeur and signed to the base Mady.  These mascots were possibly based on the successful music hall female chorus-lines of the 1920s and 30s that incorporated the provocative Cancan dancers and seen in Britain, USA, and elsewhere.  It is little known, from around 1820s to 1860s the dance was preformed by both male and female individuals and also by couples, these individuals and couples developed the various cancan moves that were later incorporated by the French choreographer Pierre Sandrini, known as the French cancan which he devised and was performed at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.