Accessory Mascots

Celebrity Figures:  Adrienne Bolland.

1920s French Ĺ. Aviatrice, Aviator, Sold through the Henri Briand outlet in Paris.  This mascot may have represented Adrienne Bolland (1896-1975) a French woman aviator.  Adrienne Bolland worked as a test pilot for Caudron, the French aircraft maker, who thought having a young woman fly their new G3 would be a good way of showing how easy it was to handle the plane.  In 1921 Adrienne Bolland became the first woman to fly over the Andes.  She took off from Mendoza, Argentina, and landed 10 hours later in Santiago de Chile.  She had flown at an altitude of 14,750 feet, braving the cold and having to avoid mountain peaks higher than the altitude her plane could fly at.  I am not sure if this is A Bolland, however I am sure if it is her, she did not fly across the Andes in those pretty little shoes.