Accessory Mascots

Female Figures:  1925 Croisiére Noire.

1925-30 silver plated metal mascot 155mm tall not including the radiator cap was known as Croisiére Noire, these are also found in silvered bronze and signed A Caron.  After successfully crossing the Sahara Desert with a motorized expedition in 1922, car manufacturer André Citroen decided to launch another such expedition across the African continent between 1924 and July 1925.  This difficult Croisière Noire expedition was lead by George Marie Haardt and Louis Audouin-Dubreuil and captivated the French publics imagination  and was a major publicity coup for Citroen.  The insert picture was taken in March 1925 on the same Croisière Noire expedition by Leao Poirier and George Spacht.