Accessory Mascots

Male Figures:  1920s Mousse Siffleue.

1920s.  Mousse Siffleue or Whistling Boy.  This lovely little mascot is a very accurate model of a French ships boy, right down to the typical pom-pom on his hat.  Cabin boys and sailor-apprentices in France are called 'mousses' - hence his sailors garb and bare feet.  However, British sailors are incredibly superstitious about whistling, whether on land or at sea - if you don't 'whistle up a gale' you'll 'whistle up the Devil' - so it is a surprising subject, unless French sailors don't worry about that kind of thing.

Created by the Polish sculptor and artist Vaclav Bernard Szczeblewski who studied for 9 years at the Dresden Art Academy and regularly exhibited his work in the Paris Salons.  These original silvered bronze car mascots are rare and to find one with all the correct markings and low impressed numbers 125 and 1 within a circle is unusual.  The mascot stands 5.5 inches tall not including the radiator cap.