French Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Rosengart 1927-1955.  Prancing Horse.

1928 to 1930 This prancing horse was known as Cheval cabré and believed offered as an optional extra for fitment to the French Rosengart car models 5CV LR2 6CV LR4.

Lucien Rosengart
started producing cars in 1927 at the old Bellanger factory at Neuilly France.  Early Rosengart vehicles were a copy of the British Austin 7 and built under licence, the model was the LR2.  After undergoing many facelifts and long after the Austin 7 had stopped production his cars survived and went on to become the LR4 and Vivor.  In the early 1930s Rosengart teamed up with the German manufacturer Adler, offering license built copies of the Adler Trumpf and Trumpf Junior.  Lacien Rosengart died in France on July 27 1976.