Accessory Mascots

Male Figures:  St Christopher.

Approved by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.  This bronze St Christopher was an exact facsimile of one of the earliest British car mascot firstly  commissioned by John Montagu around 1896 and bolted to the dashboard of his 1899 Daimler car, that he drove to the house of commons and in-so-doing he was the first MP to drive a petrol-driven car into the house of commons yard.

The information was taken from an original 1960s Heredities brochure.  The company Heredities, of Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, England, produced an approved collection of four facsimiles figurines for The Montagu Collection that were taken directly from the designs by the sculptor Charles Sykes, with the exception of the St. Christopher, they were all mounted on a base of Orton Scar marble.  As an exact facsimile of the original the "Unique Flying Lady" shown on the front of the  brochure was the only one of the four pieces not made from bronze but polished aluminium.