Accessory Mascots

Female Figures:  1914 Fortuna.

1914 Fortune smiles on the brave, and frowns upon the coward.  This was a patriotic mascot of a semi-clad girl standing on winged wheel, known as Fortuna height 7inches.  Wonderful detail on this early mascot marked to the base Fortuna and signed Eisenberg.  This mascot was also produced with a slightly different base by A. E. Lejeune around the early 1920s in silver plate or polished bronze at a price of 2-15-0 and 2-12-0 respectively.  In her left hand she would have held a banner or flag, especially, the military or naval flags.  The A. E. L. version also shows her with nothing in her left hand, I would therefore assume the appropriate flags or banners would have been purchased separately from the mascot.