French Factory Mascots

Manufacturer:  Mors Cars 1887-1925. Walrus on a rock.

1900 Walrus on a rock, reputed to be the official mascot of the French vehicle manufacture.  Mors automobiles was founded by Emille Morsl.  Mors were one of the first to take part in racing beginning in 1897, even by the turn of the century, racing had become largely a contest between Mors and Panhard up until 1908.  The company was bought outright in 1925 by Citron and Mors vehicle manufacturing side was closed and the factors turned over to the production of Citron vehicles and associated parts.  Signed Chambon, the two brothers, Alban and Alfred were born in France and later emigrated to Belgium in 1868.  The mascot is marked Bruxelles No 3.and was original fitted to a Mors 1903 Type N 4 cyl 18 Hp 4.6 ltr