Accessory Mascots

Courtesy The Motor May 29th 1928:  Alvis Cars.

The Alvis Car & Engineering Company Limited Coventry.  London Distributors Henlys Ltd Devonshire, House Piccadilly & Henly House Euston Road NW.  There were four designs of brass and chromed brass Hares ranging in sizes and stances, the most common being the bent paws down, there was also two designs of Eagles and a rare Alvis Firefly, there also might have been a flying man holding an Alvis red and white triangle Alvis badge, however I have not seen one of these.  The early mascots although produced by A.E.L, to comply with the wishes of Alvis they were unmarked until in the later years when they were marked A. E. L. some of the Alvis mascots can still be obtained from the original manufactures.