Accessory Mascots

Courtesy The Autocar June 15th 1945:  Armstrong Siddeley Cars.

Armstrong Siddeley Cars was a branch of the Hawker Siddeley Aircraft Company Ltd.  The mascots fitted were two upright sitting Sphinxes a 3 inch and 4 inch of the same design, the small one was fitted to the 1912-19 Siddeley - Deasy 12 and 14hp models, from 1919 - 32, a 4 inch brass Sphinx was used on 30hp and 18hp and 1921- 31.  1932 - 34 saw a recumbent Sphinx on an oval cap with ridged edge, this was the first lying down type and was used on the 12hp, 15hp, 20hp and also the Siddeley Special.  Made from mazac and chrome plated. a second and smaller recumbent Sphinx was used from 1958 - 60.  A Sphinx with jet wings engines as wings was used from 1953 - 58 on the 346 Sapphire.  A brass Sphinx head on a bonnet strip was used from 1945 - 58 on the post-war 16/18hp range and 234/236 range of 1956-58.