Accessory Mascots

Courtesy The Autocar October 13th 1933:  Flying Mascots.

Stand 462a Flying Mascot Ltd 199, Piccadilly, W.1.  The company's advert from the 1933 Olympia Motor Show.  The mascots came in several designs, Heron, Sea Swallow, Snipe, Goose, Humming Bird, all were original sold with a metal beaks, latter in 1937 these were change to rubber beaks as the general feeling was growing that such pointed objects could course serious injury on impact, and the law at that time was a little unclear regarding the fitting of mascots and emblems, due to the Motor Vehicle Construction and User Act introduced on the 1st of October 1937.  Also shown on this page a list of other advertisers and their stands, worth noticing the Desmo stand 424 and other mascot sellers.