Accessory Mascots

Aeroplanes:  Spirit of St Louis.

Spirit of St Louis mascot by Bousquet.  This was made to celebrate the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by Charles A. Lindbergh.  Complete with the original spinning propeller.  It is a very detailed French mascot made on 9th August 1927.  It was retailed from a workshop at 29 Rue De Trevise, Paris.  It has the Lindbergh bust medallion in relief on the top of the wings, plus also showing a map in relief detailing the route from New York to Paris in French.  Complete with longitude and latitude markings, place names and 'Ocean Atlantique' written right across the wingspan.

It is rare to find an example with the signature of the artist clearly moulded under the wing and mounted on an original French c.1927 period heavy original nickel bronze radiator cap.  Dimensions: 135mm long, 135mm wingspan, 70mm high or 110mm high with cap.