Accessory Mascots

Courtesy The Autocar November 11th 1927:  Peerless.

The American Peerless Motor Car Co, of Cleveland Ohio was known as one of the three P's the other two being Packard and Pierce Arrow.  The Peerless first appeared in 1900 with a prototype that was a typical horseless carriage with bicycle wheels and driven by a single cylinder French De Dion-Bouton engine, from 1869 the company had built cloth wringers and bicycles.  In the 1920s American vehicle imports were not unusual here in the UK.  The Peerless was sold by one of their agents Bertram Alvarez Ltd at Berkeley Street and Stratton Street London W1.  The mascot was a nickel plated zinc Eagles head designed by F.C. Ruppel, with patent number 74074 December 13th 1927, this mascot replaced the earlier 1923 eagles head surround fitted over a Boyce motormeter of which there were two sizes.