Accessory Mascots

Courtesy The Autocar February 1917:  The Speed Nymph.

As far back as February 1917 here in the UK the mascot known as The Speed Nymph was available from The North London Carrying Co Ltd, Small Yard, Fernhead Road Kilburn.  It is believed Mimi Lejeune was the originator of the Speed Nymph mascot and according to an article written shortly after her death on the 22nd May 1977 by Denise Frostick entitled, The Life & Mascots of Madame Lejeune. 

This extract was taken from the referred article;  "As the end of the war came in sight, so did the end of the job at Australia House; and Madame Lejeune knew that new fields would have to be explored if they were to survive.  By some odd chance, late in 1917, a Spanish sculptor friend brought her a small statuette he had designed.  She brought it and registered the design in the name of the firm, it was the Speed Nymph, which later became one of the most successful motor mascots ever made".

I have to say, however, the American company of Louis V Aronson is widely recognised as being the first to have designed the crouching nude Speed Nymph around 1910.  Also worth noting the British companies who were advertising as the growing trend of motoring and motoring accessories continued to prosper in 1917.

I have said it many times before, the world of mascot collecting always throws up a few unexplained mysteries, and that is why it is so important to let the site know of any information you have regarding mascots, badges, manufactures, ect, so that it can be logged and listed.