Accessory Mascots

Courtesy The Autocar November 11th 1927:  Voisin Stylized Eagle.

Famous for his aircraft, Gabriel Voisin built his first experimental car with his brother Charles in 1899, Charles was killed in a road accident in 1912 and their aeroplane manufacturing business halted.  After World War I Gabriel set up again returning to motor vehicles in 1919.  From 1937 the company had several changes of direction with new management and products, the name Voisin was discontinued at the end of the 1950s, Gabriel Voisin died in 1973.  The Stylized Eagle mascot was patented on the 4th of April 1924.  Made from polished aluminium it came in two sizes, and with or without temperature tube, motometer bodies can also be found.  The 1924 C3 and 1925/26 C4 Tourer would have been fitted with the Stylized Eagle and temperature tube, however the 1932 C14 with either the V8 or the more powerful V12 engine cars would not.