Accessory Mascots

Animals - Cats: 1920s Panther By Casimir Brau.

These mascots were first listed in the 1925 Mestre & Blatgé of Paris catalogue as Panthers, latter they were offered by Hermes of Paris and listed in their catalogue as Le Tigre, they have also been referred to as Jaguars for fitment to the SS range of cars and also as an approved company mascot for the MG 18/80 MK1 1928-1931, only 500 cars produced and MG 18/100 MK 111 Road Racer 1930 only 6 cars produced.

As can clearly be seen from the attached catalogue references these mascots are much earlier than the original production runs for either the SS Jaguars or the MG Cars and unless Casimir Brau was a clairvoyant and designing mascots for cars that were not even designed or in production these mascots were sold as accessories and for fitment to any vehicle with an external radiator cap.

You might have seen some small ones of this designed marked MG Cars Ltd and with a flat base, buyers should be aware these are reproductions, all original signed C Brau mascots have a convex base.  None have ever been marked MG Cars Ltd.