Accessory Mascots

Animals - Dogs:  1920s Foxhound.

British 1920s mascot of a Hunting Foxhound.  In February 2005 Parliament passed into law a ban on "Hunting with Dogs" in England and Wales.  In Scotland, power over Hunting had already been devolved to the Scottish Parliament and they had passed a Ban on Hunting in Scotland in 2002.  There were many arguments put forward by the Hunting fraternity as to why they should be allowed to continue with this barbaric blood sport.  One of their arguments, and possibly their strongest, was that Hunting was a very good and necessary pest control method.

I know from first-hand experience that this is NOT TRUE.  Vixens and Cubs were often moved from areas where they were plentiful into areas where their numbers were low.  These operations were carried out by hunt organizers purely and simply so that hunters in those areas had something to chase on horseback and kill.  From a Den of five Cubs and one Vixen three of the cubs would be bludgeoned to death and taken back to the hounds for meat, the two remaining and strongest cubs would be spared as they would make good sport in the weeks ahead.

Don't think the passing of this law has stopped hunting with dogs because it hasn't, Police, Dignitaries and Councils thoughout the land are turning a blind eye to this practice, manly because many of them are themselves hunters and were opposed to the ban in the first place.  I have seen roads closed off by Police so the hunt could continue without interruption from hunt protesters and, yes, these are the same British Police who are supposed to enforce this ban and recommend bringing prosecutions to the offenders, sadly and to the best of my knowledge, there has only been a handful of token prosecutions under this law.

This is not as surprising as it might first appear, you have to remember this so-called sport is not only patronised by some of this country's most rich and famous people but also by Royalty and therefore it is no wonder that prosecutions are thin on the ground, there are not many Public Prosecutors, Barristers, and other members of the legal profession who are prepared to put their very Lucrative Careers on the line and go up against this powerful body known as The Countryside Alliance and certainly not to protect a few old foxes.

Now if you were to drop a cigarette butt on the floor of this green and pleasant land, with the No Smoking Ban that has recently been introduced you would find the might of this Law coming down on you like a ton of bricks.  Is it really a case of double standards, is it really the case in this country of one law for the rich and one for the poor?  YES I am afraid it is!