Accessory Mascots

Advertising Mascots:  1920s Indian With Flag.

1923-28 Indian mascot carrying a flag, sadly the flag has been lost and only a part of it now exists.  The flag would have had the Logo of D A S, who were one of the first insurance companies to cover claims against racing car drivers.  Edition Générès signed R Baudichon. Métallo.  Bronze, height 145 mm.

The following extracts were taken from the DAS information site:  The birth of legal expenses insurance can be traced back to the Le Mans car races.  Accidents on the track gave rise to long and complicated legal disputes against racing drivers and their liability insurers.  In 1917 the principle of "contre assurance" or "insurance against, insurance companies" was born.

The first company named D.A.S. (Defense Automobile et Sportive) was then founded in Le Mans as a mutual which still exists today.