Accessory Mascots

Advertising Mascots:  1910 Motor Mechanic.

1910 and into the early 1920s is this marvellous bronze mascot with natural patina of an early motor mechanic.

These mascots represented the good old days of early motoring and before the AA and RAC breakdown services were born.  It was a time when a man with a bit of savvy could dump a handful of tools into a toolbox and offer help and assistance by the roadside to stranded motorists or call on them at their homes.

It was the dawn of the garages and well before the days of the Politically Correct, Health and Safety, Road Management, Parking Restrictions, Speed Cameras, Congestion Charges along with Uncle Tom Cobley and All became involved with our once simple motoring lifestyle.

What happened, what went wrong, who can we blame, what was wrong with the way we were?  Having said all that and looking at the soles of his shoes and the size of his spanner, maybe he wasn't the most successful motor mechanic that there has ever been and I don't think I would want him anywhere near my car!