Accessory Mascots

Miscellaneous:  1920s Miner by H Payen.

Shown in the 1923 Henri Payen catalogue, however this is much older than that.  Known in French as Roule Trujours is this bronze miner or prospector sitting in his wagon.  This is an extremely rare mascot and not seen in any mascot books, signed to the side of the base H Payne.

I don't know what the round brass tube at the front of the mascot is, however it is not a part of the original mascot and was drilled out and fitted at a later date, as you can see this operation caused some damage, maybe from the drill chuck to the left front wheel.  I can only assume because it is made from brass and not bronze perhaps it was altered and used as a desk ornament.  As always I am open to suggestions so if anyone has any thoughts or ideas please let me know.