Glass Mascots

Red Ashay:  Ecstasy.

Ecstasy by Red Ashay c.1928.  This is the rarest, earliest, largest and finest of all the production run of the 30 Red-Ashay mascots.  It shows a female nude leaning backwards and was produced in direct competition to Lalique’s smaller counterpart.  This example shows that H.G. Ascher Ltd could produce fine mascots not only with wonderful design, but also rival the fine glass texture of Lalique at his very best.  This is a true 'Work of Art' and the ultimate Red-Ashay mascot.  Red-Ashay was the trade name for the Ascher Company,1928-1939.  They went out of business with the outset of WWI1.  It is most interesting to photograph this exceptionally rare piece against the R.Lalique Chrysis example.  This is in my opinion the one mascot by Red-Ashay that has beaten R.Lalique's genius for both design and beauty.  180mm high, 150mm long.