The Australian & New Zealand Scene
by John Fennell, with supplementary information by Derek Leach.

Australian Automobile Association & Clubs.
The links will take you to a photograph of the badge.

Australian Automobile Association:

AAA1Victoria.  Flat brass chrome plated.  Wings & Australia on top, AA fretted out.  Victoria below.
AAA2NSW.  As AAA1 but NSW below.
AAA3Queensland.  As AAA1 but Queensland below.
AAA4Western Australia.  As AAA1 but has RACWA on bar riveted across AA.
AAA5Flat brass with AAA in black on white background.  1980's ? With and without makers name (Badgers) on back.
AAA6Flat brass chrome plated.  AAA on white background, Australian Automobile Association in yellow panel below.  1999.
AAA775th Anniversary.  As AAA6 with est. 1924 and 75th Anniversary.  1999.

Automobile Association of Northern Territory:

AANT11963 bulls horn badge, brown background.
AANT21965 issue, red background.
AANT31973, 10 year issue, as AANT2 but gold plated.
AANT41990's ? as AANT2 but bottom of badge has a depressed area and badge is acrylic coated.
AANT51994, as AANT4 without acrylic coating.

Automobile Association Queensland:

AAQAutomobile Association Queensland.  Flat brass, nickel plated, AA fretted out, Q engraved into design.  1930's ? With and without number and/or makers (Myers) name.

Autocycle Union:

ACU1Autocycle Union of New South Wales.  1920's ?
ACU2Brisbane Motorcycle Club.  BMCC, ACUQ Associate.

Commercial Motor Users' Association:

CMUA1Commercial Motor Users Association (Tasmania), round with red, white and blue enamel, bolt fitting.  1920's ?  Made by Angus & Coote.
CMUA2Commercial Motor Users Association (Tasmania), triangle with wings.  Bolt fitting.

Downs Motor Service Club:

DMSCDowns Motor Service Club (Toowoomba ?), reverse swastika design in bronze.  Bolt fitting.

Motor Users' Association:

MUAMotor Users' Association (Victoria).  Winged car.  Double and single sided versions.  Made by Angus & Coote and Stokes.

Newcastle Automobile Association:

NAANewcastle Automobile Association - pre NAC ?  Flat brass NAA fretted out.

Newcastle Automobile Club:

NAC1Newcastle Automobile Club 1920's ?  As RACA4 (Royal Automobile Club of Australia Associate) but double sided with Newcastle Automobile Club and NAC on rear.  Bolt fitting.
NAC2Newcastle Automobile Club 1920's ?  Round, double sided.  ACA in round enamel one side, NAC in rectangular enamel on the other.  Bolt fitting.

Northern Motorists Association:

NMANorthern Motorists Association.  Round with red and white enamel, bolt fitting.  1920's - pre NRMA ?

National Road and Motorists Association:

NRMA11924 issue.  Round (90mm diameter) with blue enamel, bolt fitting.  Versions by Craftsmen Enamellers and Angus & Coote.
NRMA21924 issue.  Round (75mm diameter) with blue enamel, bolt fitting for small cars and motorcycles.
NRMA31928 issue as NRMA2 (small size) combined with motometer.
NRMA41930 issue.  Flat brass chrome plated.  NRMA fretted out wings on top.  Badge bar fitting.  Versions with and without number and/or makers (Angus & Coote) name.
NRMA51931 issue.  As NRMA4 but bolt fitting.  Versions with and without badge numbers.
NRMA6Honour Badge issued 1935.
NRMA7Small metal badge painted blue background to NRMA.  1960's.  Versions by Angus & Coote and Precision Badges.
NRMA850 Years membership badge issued in 1974.
NRMA9As NRMA7 but made of plastic, chrome plated, 1990's.  Astor Base Metals.
NRMA10Rectangular badge 1989.  Blue, silver and white, acrylic coating.
NRMA1125 Year membership issued in 1989.  Rectangular, silver.
NRMA1250 Year membership issued in 1989.  Rectangular, gold.

National Roads and Motorists Association Queensland:

NRMAQNRMA Queensland Ltd.  Round badge with NRMA on a Q that encircles Ltd.  Bolt fitting.

North-Western Automobile Club:

NWACNorth-Western Automobile Club (Tasmania) - pre RACT ?

Queensland Motorists Association:

QMAQueensland Motorists Association.  1926.  Round bronze badge with QMA fretted out.  Bolt fitting.

Royal Automobile Association (South Australia) and earlier clubs - ACSA, AASA:

RAA1ACSA 1908.  Flat brass ACSA fretted out.
RAA2ACSA 1978.  Flat brass reissue of RAA1 as commemorative.
RAA3AASA 1911.  Round flat brass with tang fitting.
RAA4AASA 1923.  Round with tang fitting, tyre edge, brass and aluminium versions.
RAA5AASA 1929.  Flat brass, crown top, AASA fretted out, bar fitting.  95mm & 90mm diameter versions.  Some have a clip on backplate.
RAA6AASA 1929.  As RAA5 but 68mm diameter for motorcycles.  Some have clipped on backplate.
RAA7AASA 1950.  Similar to RAA6 but AASA not fretted out.  Yellow enamel background.  Versions by Amor, Hackers and unmarked.
RAA8AASA 1950?  As RAA7 but with additional tyre pattern to rim.
RAA91959 oval with RAA.  Yellow and very dark blue.  Versions with narrow and broad chrome edges to RAA.
RAA101974 Rectangular.  Yellow with RAA and crown in black.  Two distinct shades of yellow exist.
RAA11RAA PLUS.  Rectangular, yellow and white.  RAA in black, PLUS in red.

Royal Automobile Club of Australia:

RACA1Automobile Club of Australia.  Flat Brass ACA fretted out.  May not be a genuine issue.
RACA2The Automobile Club of Australia.  Full Member 1920's ?, double sided.  Bolt fitting.
RACA3Royal Automobile Club of Australia.  Full member 1920's ?, double sided.  Bolt fitting and single sided tang fitting.
RACA4Royal Automobile Club of Australia.  Associate Member 1920's ?, single sided.  Bolt fitting.  Versions by Amor and Angus & Coote.
RACA5RAC Australia. 1930's ?  Flat fixing, single sided.  Kings Crown.
RACA6RACA. Lozenge shaped badge with a separate blue anodized backplate.  1940's - Kings Crown & 1950's - Queens Crown.  With and without makers (Stokes) name at bottom.
RACA7RACA, Lozenge shaped badge.  Current issue, one piece badge made of plastic.

Royal Automobile Club of Queensland:

RACQ1The Automobile Club of Queensland, 1912.  Blue cross with crown enamel centre.  Versions made by Stokes and Elkington.  Bolt fitting.
RACQ2Royal Automobile Club of Queensland 1921.  Light blue cross.  Hollow badge made by Angus & Coote.  Bolt fitting.
RACQ3Royal Automobile Club of Queensland 1920's.  Dark blue cross.  Solid badges made by Amor and Wallace Bishop.  Bolt fitting.
RACQ4Queensland Motorcycle Club.  Small round badge with RACQ enamel centre.  Tang fitting.
RACQ5Royal Automobile Club of Queensland 1948.  As RACQ3 but has Queensland instead of Associate in outer ring.  Bolt fitting.
RACQ61936 Honour.  Kookaburra on Boomerang.  Versions by Wallace Bishop, Amor and unmarked.  Tang fitting.
RACQ71937 Honour.  Kookaburra on boomerang with outer wreath.
RACQ81939 Honour.  As RACQ3 with HONOUR on base.  Bolt fitting.
RACQ9RAC QLD lozenge shaped with separate blue backplate.  1950's with Kings Crown.  With or without Stokes below.
RACQ10Honour Member.  As RACQ8 with 5, 10 or 25 Year Honour bar beneath.
RACQ111960, oval with RAC in centre.
RACQ121965, oval with RACQ in centre.  Mid and dark blue paint versions.
RACQ131980, 75 Year issue, oval with 75 Years and 1905-80.
RACQ1450 Year membership, versions with light, mid and dark blue colouring, also with and without Limited added to Royal Automobile Club Queensland in the dark blue types.
RACQ15Honorary Life member, oval with acrylic coating.
RACQ16Honorary Life Member, round brass.

Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania:

RACT1The Autocar Club of Tasmania.  1923.  Bolt fitting.  Stokes.
RACT2Royal Autocar Club of Tasmania.  1927.  Bolt fitting.  Versions by Golding & Son and Angus & Coote and variations in the placement of red enamel in the crown.
RACT3Life Member, 1946.  As RACT2 but with Life Member bar attached.
RACT41952, lozenge shaped, separate blue backplate, Kings crown, TAS below.
RACT51962. Round with Queens crown.  Metal with flat plastic insert.  Stokes.
RACT61963. Round with Queens crown.  Metal with enamelled or plastic domed centres.
RACT7As RACT6 but all plastic construction made by HB Sale.  1970's ?  Some have aluminium backing with or without TASMANIA, others have black plastic backing holding a light fitting.
RACT81978.  Rectangular, RAC below crown.
RACT91979.  As RACT8 but has TASMANIA below RAC.
RACT101998.  75 Years.  Rectangular, gold, red, white, blue.  500 issued.

Royal Automobile Club of Victoria:

RACV1The Automobile Club of Victoria.  1911 double sided.  Veteran car one side, red flag on other side.  Enamel is flat.  Stokes.
RACV2Royal Automobile Club of Victoria.  1924, double sided.  Veteran car.  Versions by Stokes and Angus & Coote, with flat or slightly convex enamels and with bolt or bracket fitting.
RACV3Royal Automobile Club of Victoria.  1930's ?  Double sided.  Vintage car.  Made by Stokes.  Bolt and bracket fitting versions.
RACV4RAC VIC.  Lozenge shape with separate blue backplate, VIC below.  1940's with Kings Crown and 1950's with Queens crown.  With or without makers (Stokes) name.  Double sided version of badge was also fitted to RACV ashtrays.
RACV5As RACV4.  Queens crown but all one piece metal casting.  Blue painted.
RACV61978 75 Year badge, round brass.
RACV7As RACV5 but all plastic, 1990's.  Astor Base Metals.

Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia:

RACWA1ACWA 1908, oval brass with swan in centre, ACWA below.  Pedestal fitting.
RACWA2Automobile Club of Western Australia.  1915, round solid brass, swan centre.  Made by Elkington.  Bolt fitting.
RACWA3Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia.  1922, round solid brass, but cruder casting and no makers name.  Bolt fitting.
RACWA4Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia.  1924, round, hollow copper, nickel plated badge made by Sheridan.  Bolt fitting.
RACWA51940 issue, similar to RACWA4 but tang fitting.
RACWA6Lozenge shaped with separate blue backplate.  1950's with Kings Crown, 1956 with Queens crown - both made by Stokes and 1980's with Queens crown made by Sheridan.
RACWA71990's barrel shaped badge made for attaching to a number plate.

Tasmanian Road Transport Association:

TRTATasmanian Road Transport Association (Burnie) pre 1948.  Round brass badge with TRTA Burnie branch.  Bolt fitting.