Motoring Badges

Delage Owners Club.

Designed circa 1958 by Sydney Fulker of Withdean Brighton,
founder and sole official of the Delage Owners Club.  This Club was operating until around mid 1968.  The design is based on a Delage wheel nut, on which the arrow and the letter D refer to quot;Demonter," indicating the direction in which it is unscrewed.  The word "Droit" on the wheel nut shows it belongs to the right hand side wheels.  for LHS read "Gauche.

These badges were numbered and were intended to remain the property of the Delage Club, though I do not know of any being returned.  I hope to be able to find the late Mr Fulker's listing of the allocation of these badges.  The one on my car bears the number 38 and was issued to me in 1962.  The number is stamped on the rear just above the fixing holes.  I also have number 35 on which the figures are engraved.

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