The Australian & New Zealand Scene

Contributed by John Fennell.
Additional information by Derek Leach.

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About this contribution:

Australian enthusiast John Fennell has built up an enviable collection of motoring badges, country ID plates, mascots, lapel badges, petrol cans...  The list goes on!  With over 1800 badges alone, it is safe to say that John's collection is one of the largest anywhere!

John's section contains a wealth of information for those interested in collecting Australian related automobilia.  There are a number of text articles, some with photographs, that cover many aspects of this little known area of collecting.  These texts include a rare and comprehensive list of the country codes found on car oval plates, a section on commonwealth badges, a list of badges issued to the AAA and also a section on collecting car emblems.

You will also find a short biographical text which tells how John first became involved in collecting.  It lists some of the areas he has interests in, and also some of his collecting passions.

Mascot Mania is proud to have just a small part of John's collection available for you to browse.  I would like to express my thanks to John for his contribution.  It provides a valuable and enjoyable insight into the Australian mascot and badge scene.